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Journey through John

January 8, 2019

I am excited to begin the New Year with a series of messages from the Gospel of John. My hope is that you can help by adding an interactive dimension to the journey. My goal is to post a weekly note on the blog. It will also be linked to our church Facebook page. You are invited to share your thoughts and insights with the group.

I will share some fun ideas about the text of the week or the key verse for the week. This will be an easy reference for those who want to follow along. For instance, you’ll often see a word cloud created by my Logos software. Here is this week’s on John 1:35-42.

john 1.35-42What is the point of this you may ask? This invites you to see the passage in a new way. Are the big words in the cloud the big ideas to you? What idea in your reading matches a word in the cloud? What word in the cloud would you pick out as a key thought? Why?

My hope is that Jesus’ invitation to Peter and Andrew will be a fresh invitation for you to walk with Him and experience the Life He brings.

To receive all the postings in this series, you can follow this blog or like us on Facebook at Faith Community Church Edmonds.

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