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God’s Provision

May 30, 2018

We needed to build a small retaining wall along one side of our church. We had the resources to buy the landscape blocks, but how fun is it for God to write a different script?

My wife and I were on an evening walk when we went by a neighbor’s house with a sign that said, “Free Landscape Blocks.” So I pulled out my phone and called the number. As I stood in the street, the generous donor peered at me through his living room window. I already liked him, because of the price he was asking for the blocks, and I liked him even more when he told me his name was Phil!

I told him of our project and need and he was happy to have me haul them away (okay, they weren’t really free). 154 blocks. An interesting number, but the agreement was that I would take them all.

The last picture shows that we have one block on the fourth row. That’s right, we needed 153 blocks for the project. The 154th block is totally unnecessary, except, it serves as a reminder. We had a need. God made a provision, not just for enough, but even a little extra.

What stories do you have of ways great or small that God provided what you needed when you needed it?

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