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Engaging the Word

January 3, 2018

Photo by CBCS

This year, we are inviting friends of Faith Community Church to embark on a spiritual growth adventure. Each month we will chose one spiritual exercise that will help followers of Jesus to better understand what it means to live the life He has called us to live. Our first exercise is to read the Bible.

Many Christians believe the Bible is the most important book in their life. However, survey after survey is telling us that few people engage the Bible in any personal way. Most listen to Bible based sermons, but even those rarely mold people’s hearts or change their lives. The Bible is on the perimeter of most Christians lives, not at the center.

What leads to this? Time demands – when can we fit it in? Challenging literature – I’ve tried reading the Bible and I don’t understand it? Ease of life – Few of us are living in circumstances where knowing God more intimately and personally seems imperative. God and consequently, the Bible, are viewed as optional. Reading the Bible is viewed as an elective class for the spiritual zealots.

God’s design is for every believer, young or old, new or mature, to be personally engaged with the Word. Sometimes we substitute a dreary rote discipline for the dynamic engagement God intends. Chris Webb writes in his book, The Fire of the Word, “We read the Bible to be kissed by Christ.”

My hope for this year on this blog is that we share our practices and experiences in a way that encourages each other. This month, you can post ways you have found meaningful for you to read the Bible. You can post insights you gain as you read the Bible.

Here is where I would encourage you to start. Pray and ask God to use this exercise to help you to fall more in love with Him. Choose a verse, a passage, or a book that you want to focus on this month. Try to pick a goal that is more than what you are doing right now, but don’t worry about being a Bible scholar in 30 days. Some of you may be led to read the whole Bible this month. But, if you are like me, choosing a meaningful verse or short series of verses is a better goal to start. Or maybe you have a parable or story from the gospels that you would like to listen to more intensely.

I’m going to post ideas throughout the month to encourage you. If you would like some ideas right away, read the article about spiritual exercises in our January newsletter at

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  1. January 6, 2018 8:10 PM

    Thank you, Phil, I really appreciate this approach, especially the specifics after reading the newsletter article. I am going to try to do this.

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