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The Best Seat on the Plane

May 5, 2017

Ticket 26CI got this boarding pass because I changed my flight. I had one of those occasions where I got to the airport in time to catch an earlier flight home. I can’t tell you how much I dislike paying to do this, but for $25, I’d be home at least two hours sooner. I bit the bullet and did it. The attendant asked if I would like a window or aisle. At 6’4”, the aisle is always preferable. 26C would be my seat on the plane, plus 26B was open.

I boarded the plane and took my seat. Shortly thereafter, another attendant was talking to the people in the row 27. A family with children wanted to sit together and they were looking for someone to move who had an open seat next to them. Neither passenger was moved by the family’s plight. When the attendant looked at me, I thought, “Why not?” The deal was that I would have to move to a middle seat, but they would treat me real nice.

Off to 8B (no, not even close to first class). As an expression of their gratitude, the airline would like to give me something – a $75 voucher on my next flight. I maneuvered into 8B and surveyed the space I would be in for the next three hours. When the attendant came back to confirm my email address, the pot got a little sweeter – they raised the value to a $100 voucher!

This incident may parallel the faith journey for some. How? We begin, reluctantly thinking we are giving up something of great value ($25). On the faith journey, it may be a habit, our time, relinquishing our will to the Father, Sunday morning football, or some other sacrifice. We take our seat, but we are thinking more of what we have lost than what we have to gain.

Then, through no act or effort of our own, we are rewarded. We thought that giving up our life was a loss, but we have found there is so much more that we have gained. Once we have tasted the goodness of grace, we are almost embarrassed to admit the reluctance of our commitment.

I’m not trying to suggest God will ‘pay’ us for any sacrifice. I’m simply saying that life with Him at any price is better than any other seat on the plane!

When God invites us to move, why not answer, “Yes?” The seat may not seem as comfortable, but it will always be more valuable.

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