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“I Like Tablets”

December 30, 2016

Grandma Melissa is doing an amazing job of qualifying for Grandma of the Year. She is playful. She is available. She is present. She is thoughtful.

tablet-writingHere is one example of her careful planning. We were all going out to dinner. Grandma knew that dinner would go better with some entertainment for Anilu. On the way to the restaurant, grandma gave a little clue, “I have a tablet for you.” Anilu’s face lit up and she exclaimed, “I like tablets.” Once the order was placed, the tablet was requested. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifted. Grandma pulled out a brand new tablet full of drawing paper. Anilu looked as if she had no idea what it was. What she did know is that this is not the tablet she was expecting! Her idea of a tablet is an electronic device with games and videos. What is a child to do with paper and colored pencils???

tablet-computerSometimes the generation gap produces a communication gap! Other times it is a culture shift that produces the disconnect. For centuries, ‘Christian language’ was a shared vocabulary. You could use words like sin, salvation, sanctification, and redemption and people would engage in a friendly conversation. Christian language is no longer a shared commodity in our culture. Some have rejected it. Others have never heard or learned it.

That is not necessarily a problem, unless you think the words you are using make sense to someone who has no idea what you are talking about. Some of us learned ‘gospel presentations’ that tell people the story of Jesus. The problem is we are using words that either have a different meaning or no meaning for people we are talking to.

It is a new day. Tablet means different things to different people (imagine what Moses pictured when you mentioned a tablet). Jesus means different things to different people. Anilu likes tablets. People like Jesus. But if you want to have a conversation about either one, you need to make sure you are talking the same language.

I still think the tablet was worth a point for grandma of the year…

Added thoughts: Here is a link to a podcast with some helpful thoughts on connecting with people. If you are short on time, start at the 5:30 mark.

Renovare Podcast

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