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Why I Believe

June 2, 2016

IMAG1144These pictures contain an illustration of one of the reasons I believe there is a God who created the heavens and the earth. I saw these mini rock piles stacked in a roundabout near my home. They were not there not there one day and the next, several cleverly located stacks decorated the center circle.

How do rock piles point to God? I am convinced those rocks did not get there by themselves. I believe someone put them there. They didn’t materialize overnight and form this array of attention grabbing details without someone helping them. I don’t believe they stacked themselves, or that they grew out of surrounding rocks, or were carved over time to make this engaging display. Someone wanted to display their artistic idea and these rocks became their media.

IMAG1142When I look at the creation that surrounds me, it is too complex to evolve or mystically appear without some Designer behind it. Even the most intricate explanation I have heard pertaining to the origins of the earth do not challenge my conviction that ‘In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.” For me, that is not incompatible with science. God did his creative ‘overnight’ demonstration a long time ago. The earth we see today has changed from that first morning. But the earth we see today still points me back to the One who made it.

IMAG1143Whether you live on an ice cap, a parched desert, a drenched rain forest, or a spectacular mountain side, you can choose to spend your energy explaining away or embracing the Creator. For now, I can be rather delighted in this human made reminder that Someone helped me get to where I am. I’ll choose the embrace and give thanks to the One who made me and the anonymous rock artist who gave me this image.

How many ‘artistic expressions’ do you see?

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