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Who Provides the Power?

May 9, 2016

Tandem bikeOn the way to the office, I saw a father and daughter riding a tandem bike. The little girl could not have been more than second grade. None the less, she was peddling with her dad on their way to school.

I looked at this and wondered to myself, what would happen if dad quit peddling? I can’t imagine it would have been long before the bike would have slowed to an untenable speed and fallen over. The little girl did contribute to the forward movement, but she did not have the strength to propel it forward without some help.

This is a great image for us of following Jesus. We are not along for a free ride with no effort. We are not placed in charge of the bike and expected to provide all the power. We are invited to climb on and join Jesus in the journey.

Who is providing power for your ‘discipleship bike’?

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