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The Story: The King is Born

February 22, 2016
Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

Location: Castle Rock, CO

  • I never realized how much of the story of the birth of Jesus happens at night… The angel visiting Mary, Joseph’s dreams, Jesus’ birth, the angels and shepherds, the magi following the star… When God is in it, night is a good thing – Jacob wrestling with God, Daniel protected from the Lions, Israel guided by the pillar of fire, even the Philippian jail story happened at night. However, Nicodemus came under the cover of night because he was afraid to be seen with Jesus in the daylight. Judas betrayed Jesus at night. It seems we have a choice to let God speak to us, even in the darkness. Or we can let it symbolize our self-centeredness.
  • Going to sleep is a symbolic way of surrendering our lives to God. We close our eyes and go to sleep and give up control. We have to trust God to carry us through the night and give us strength for the new day. When we go to bed at night, what can we do to be more open to hearing God speak?
  • What does the night symbolize in our lives? Could it be that we are more open to guidance, because we are not hampered by our normal senses obscuring our perception? How is God speaking to you and what is he saying to you right now?”
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  1. February 23, 2016 5:54 PM

    I love and use that image of sleeping in God’s arms a lot. I have noticed, too, that thoughts come fresh in the morning when I turn to God first thing. I think that is the “more open to guidance” you speak of.

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