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The Story: Rebuilding the Walls

February 15, 2016


Location: QFC, Holman Road, North Seattle

  • When we need change, are our leftovers enough? At the cash register at QFC we get the opportunity to donate our change to the cause of the month. If you add up all the pennies, nickels and dimes, I assume it’s quite a significant amount of money. When I pay cash, I oftentimes put my change in a jar like that. It doesn’t hurt, and I get the “feel good” gratification that I’m supporting a good cause (even though I almost never know what the cause is).
  • For the longest time I found myself valuing my relationship with God like this. I went to church when it wasn’t too inconvenient and I had nothing better to do. Certainly did not get engaged in any kind of church activity or committee. I figured that I could put $10 in the offering tray and be all good; it’s what I would have spent on a matinee ticket with a small popcorn anyway; even though the church service was shorter than a movie I gave church the “change”.
  • For as long as I gave God the change in my life, nothing changed. Leftover time, leftover thoughts, leftover energy, leftover money. Even though I believed in God, I always thought it was just change for Him as well. Just one of the billions of souls. Not too needy, not too important, sinful but not as serious as the hard cases you hear about on the news.
  • The funny thing is, I couldn’t really tell you how God moved to the front and center of everything I do. I just know He did. I do know it began when I started giving God my best. My thoughts. My skills. My time. My money. I stopped making excuses why mediocre and leftovers were enough.
  • I now know that my thoughts are His thoughts… I just get to borrow them for a few milliseconds. My skills are the skills He has blessed me with. My time is His gift of breath. My money is His money, and I just get to handle it for a while.
  • Let’s build that wall!
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