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The Story: A Brave and Courageous Queen

February 8, 2016
Villans and Heroes

Villans and Heroes

Location: Spartan Recreation Center, Shoreline

  • Of course the story of Esther is about Esther and Mordecai. But as I read the book of Esther, I kept noticing that Esther and Mordecai had help from an unlikely character in the story: Haman.
  • Haman? A helper? But he wanted to kill all the Jews! He was the enemy of everything that Mordecai and – as an extension – Esther stood for! How can you say he helped them?
  • And it’s true that he did not really help them, but he provided the mirror image of Mordecai and Esther that made them shine!
  • Every hero needs a villain. Haman is certainly a villain. And because he is vicious and self-absorbed, he is also as self-destructive as it gets. He could have lived a fantastic life as the favorite of the king. If he would have just let Mordecai be, everything would have been going right for him. But instead of focusing on all of his blessings, he focused on the one thing he did not get: Mordecai’s submission. Silly move after silly move, he set in motion a chain of events that led to his destruction. If he would have done the opposite of many of the things he did, he would have had a great life. Mordecai would have saved the king’s life; Esther would have been the king’s wife. And that’s where the story may have ended.
  • I keep thinking: How are we like Haman? Instead of counting our blessings, we focus on the things that do not go our way, and we end up self-destructing? And how are we like Mordecai and Esther? When things get tough, to what extent do we see that as an opportunity to show the strength of our character? Or do we complain and sulk, and turn our backs to God?
  • When things don’t go your way, who do you see in the mirror? Personally, I have a long way to go to be less like Haman, and more like Mordecai and Esther.
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