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The Story: The Importance of the Foundation

January 11, 2016
Are we able to stand?

Are we able to stand?

Location: HWY 99 Viaduct in Seattle

  • This week’s picture is a graphic interpretation of what could happen to the Seattle Viaduct if we had a major earthquake superimposed on a real photo. Engineers have been monitoring the structure and taking note of its gradual decay. We all know that some day, the structure will not be viable. This may result in a planned demolition or (we hope not) an unscheduled catastrophe.
  • The problem of a crumbling foundation is that even the smallest of influences can bring them down. Imagine the viaduct so compromised that it sways in the wind or pieces fall off when a large truck goes over it. The DOT inspects the viaduct twice a year with very sensitive instruments to measure the slightest changes. If our conclusion is only that as long as it has not fallen down yet, we don’t need to do anything, we are only in denial. Foundation damage calls for action and change.
  • The Assyrian invasion of Israel was like an earthquake – a major catastrophic event. However, with a poor foundation, we cannot hope to withstand problems, great or small.
  • How do you measure the foundation of your life? Do you check it periodically, or as long as you are breathing figure everything must be okay? Has your faith been the foundation that has helped you through a crisis? Have you ever wished you had a stronger faith foundation for the things you face?
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