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The Story: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

November 23, 2015
  • God's power graces, but human power corrupts

    God’s power graces, but human power corrupts

    Location: Capital, Washington, D.C. Buckingham Palace, London

  • NOTE: If this comes across as a political statement, please forgive me. It is not meant to be. It is merely the observation that we do not seem to be happy to “just” have God reside over is as Lord and King.
  • Why are we seeking power to rule over us, only to dislike that power once it is established and does what every power in the world does: seek more power? Courageous people from all over the world sought the freedom of The New World, and fought against the most powerful nation in the world, the British Empire, to be free. But over the past two centuries, government has grown and approval ratings have decreased (
  • America was founded based on freedom, including the freedom to worship. But a study shows that America is now the 20th most free country in the world ( And oftentimes we hear of those in power abusing that power.
  • In my own life, I have so often rejected the power of Him who graces my soul, only to give it to institutions and things that corrupt my soul.

Why do we long for anything or anyone other than God to reign over us? What can we do every day to accept that He is the one and only King?

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