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The Story: Whining or Worship

October 26, 2015
So Close, Yet so Far Away

So Close, Yet so Far Away

This week, the story is about the trek of the Israelites through the desert, and how they keep losing faith in God. As I was meditating on this, it occurred to me that the Israelites use just about any inconvenience to question God (symbolized by the perspective of the picture; it looks like a really high fence – just like the one around Buckingham Palace in London – but  in fact it’s just a 6ft fence outside an apartment complex on Greenwood Ave). They kept creating fence upon fence (symbolized by the double fence) that prevented them from entering the promised land. Many of them died while creating these fences (symbolized by the spear heads on top); in fact, ALL of the Israelites 20 years or older died before God’s people made it into the promised land. And the reason for losing faith is the same as the result of losing faith in God: they lose faith in God, wander around the desert as a consequence, promise to do better, but at the first sign of trouble lose faith yet again. The Israelites believe their own self-fulfilling prophecies more than God’s prophecy. And they put their personal story first, instead of God’s Upper story.

How often do we create our own barriers preventing us from entering the promised land, by exaggerating the hurdles in front of us? And once we have overcome one barrier, what’s the next one, and the next? Where do we put our personal story before God’s Upper story? Which spear heads do we create that are mortally injuring our faith? And which of our obstacles are the result of our own self-fulfilling prophecies?

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