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The Birth of a Nation

September 28, 2015

20150927_FaithEdmonds-1Location: MJD Garden Center, Aurora Avenue, Shoreline

As I was pondering how to capture “God Builds a Nation” in a picture, I came upon the word “engrafted.” Here’s why:

  • God chose the Israelites as His people. By doing so, God provided deep roots and strong life forces to a people who otherwise would have been left to fend for themselves. That’s what grafting does: it provides a strong root structure for a plant so that it grows stronger than it could on its own;
  • The engrafted plant takes all of its food and water from the host plant. How often have the Israelites depended on God for food and water, just during their time in the desert?
  • The host plant is almost invisible, but shines through the strength and beauty of the graft. Just like Jesus shines through the love of those who follow Him;
  • The engrafted plant will die if it gets separated from the host plant. Just like the Israelites perished every time they turned away from God;
  • The arborist at the nursery told me that over time, you can’t really tell anymore where the host plant ends and the grafted plant begins. It’s been like that with Israel for thousands of years: can you even imagine Israel without God?


While that may be the “upper” story, now think about your personal story: Are you rooted in His word and His love for you? Do you look to God to give you life? Will you perish if you are separated from Him? And when others see you do they know where Jesus ends and where you begin, or do they see Jesus through you?

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