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The Story Begins

September 14, 2015

This week, we are embarking on a chronological journey through the Bible using a book entitled, The Story as our resource. We think this week’s picture gives us some provocative ideas to get us started on the journey.

Picture by Marcel Eisma

Picture by Marcel Eisma

Location: Aurora Transit Center

When thinking of the Bible, it is easy to draw parallels with our bus system:

  • It is impossible to figure out what the exact bus/story lines are just from looking at them from one location or even from a dozen locations;
  • The bus/story lines intersect at many different places;
  • In order to get from here to there, you need to know which bus/story lines to use;
  • We like convenient, non-stop routes. But how often does that describe our life journey? The bus we are on may be late. We may have to make unexpected transfers. Other circumstances may impact our journey (accident, sporting event or concert, or weather). Confidence that we will ultimately arrive at our destination can help us make it through times that seem frustrating;
  • In the background, The RapidRide E-Line to downtown Seattle is just leaving. We like quick and easy routes. The Story reminds us that it often takes a long time for us to arrive at the desired destination;
  • When you are in the bus/story, a wide range of characters join you for (part of) the ride. When I rode the bus to jury duty this week, I ran into Pastor Jacob Tedrow (who recently started Hope Church Seattle and was a guest pastor in our church this summer), and also ran into Andrew Aldrich;
  • The more you know the bus system, the less anxiety you have about how it works and how you will get around. You may even become proficient to the level of helping others who are less experienced, whether that be simply identifying the best bus or calming others when things are not going well;
  • Understanding the time table is essential; knowing the sequence of the buses/stories greatly helps us to understand the bigger picture of how individual routes/stories fit into The Story;
  • We hope you will climb aboard and join us for the adventure.
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