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The Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Facilitating

September 6, 2015

20150816_FaithEdmonds-1 (1)Location: Advanced Hearing Systems, 5th Ave, Edmonds

What was the last time you heard someone complain: “I can’t believe how much that person listens! They just can’t stop being genuinely interested in others! I wish they would talk about themselves some more, because I can’t get enough hearing that person talk about their own life!” This is very rare. Most situations are just the opposite. But think about it for a minute: What can you learn if YOUR story takes center stage in every conversation? You already know your story (and chances are, may others too…)! When you forget to ask and listen, you are missing the opportunity to truly hear someone else. God gave us one mouth and two ears; should we not use them in these proportions…

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