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The Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Loving

August 6, 2015

Location: PAWS in Lynnwood


Demonstrating God’s Unconditional Love

What does “unconditional acceptance” mean? And does it exist ANYWHERE on Earth? At the PAWS shelter in Lynnwood, we see many examples of creatures that were not acceptable anymore. True, some just ran away, but many others were given up for adoption by their owners. And here we are, on Sunday afternoon. Taking pictures of these poor kittens, and possibly taking one home with us. We run into another visitor who shows us the tattoo of her cat “Trinity” who recently passed away at age 14. She is ready to love again, in one of the darkest places in God’s Kingdom, one of the places with the most disappointment but also the most hope. To take an “unacceptable” creature home and become soul mates. Maybe it will be the 2 year old kitten Malibu, with the big scar on her right cheek and only half a tail.

How often do we find it too hard to demonstrate God’s unconditional love towards others, not realizing that today’s outcast could become tomorrow’s soul mate?

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