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The Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Praying

August 4, 2015
Photo by Marcel Eisma

Photo by Marcel Eisma

Location: Downtown Edmonds at 5th Ave. and Main St.

Talking to God before you say anything to someone else helps see others through God’s eyes, without our own prejudices and misconceptions. As people, we form split-second opinions of others, not hindered by any truth or depth of knowledge. We just see others the way we think they are, and they see us the way they think we are. We are just figments of each other’s imagination. Talking to God is like reading the safety warnings and instructions before using something you just bought. Yes, we could just “wing” it, install it and/or plug it in, and hope for the best. But how often does someone get hurt when we do that in our conversations with others? Praying to God ensures that we re-acquaint ourselves with the instructions on how to truly, honestly, and openly enter into a conversation.

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