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The Antidote to Guilt

May 4, 2015
What are the chains

Photo by Marcel Eisma

Theme: The Antidote to Guilt

Location: Just outside the Edmonds Museum

Guilt are the chains that hold us in bondage. And we put them on ourselves! For the vast majority of us, the past is a story we keep telling ourselves. It is almost as if we find comfort and safety in guilt, just like a ship being chained to the dock. But we have to drop our chains if we are to sail away from the harbor of guilt. God’s grace will be our safe haven, not the familiar and sometimes even comfortable chains that hold us in bondage.

Six psalms are in the category called ‘penitential’: 6, 32, 51, 102, 130, and 143. What these songs make abundantly clear is that the only way to find relief from guilt is to confess our need to a merciful heavenly Father. What they also make abundantly clear is that our heavenly Father is eager to forgive us and restore our relationship with him.

These songs often refer to the ‘cost’ of keeping sin inside – unconfessed. This cost takes on not only spiritual, but emotional and physical stress and pain. Like the rust on the chains, when we try to hide our sins, our souls become corroded.

When we recognize that we are separated from God and in need of forgiveness, we have two choices. Try to deal with it on our own or ask God to set us free. One adds more links to the chain and one sets us free. Take some time this week to think about the things that are ‘rusting’ your soul. Think about this week’s question. What can you say to God that will set you free?

Question: What are the chains that keep you in bondage?

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