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Serve One Another

November 10, 2014
  • Substance of Love

    Substance of Love

    Just as faith is the substance of hope, service is the substance of love. As Christian, we don’t just hopethat we are saved in Jesus Christ, we have faith that Jesus is our Lord. In my view, hope is passive. Hope oftentimes is “waiting for something to happen without having skin in the game.” We hope for our sports team to win. We hope the weather will get better. Faith is having a much stronger conviction about an outcome. If I hope that I will have enough money to retire at age 65, but don’t have faith that I actually will, I can start taking action. I can just sit there for another 15 years or so “hoping”; or I can take action. One of my bosses used to say “hope is not a strategy.”

  • When we come to church, do we just hope that the doors will be unlocked, everything is set for communion, and there will be coffee and chocolate chip cookies afterwards? Or do we have faith that it will be another great day in service of the Lord. Because it is service by Sue and many, many others that translates our hope into faith. I believe that – without exception – the driver for their service is the love they have for Jesus and His children. They love, therefore they serve.
  • Over the past few years in my personal journey I have come to see opportunities to serve as a precious gift. If I have the opportunity to be of service, I don’t HAVE to do it, I GET to do it. Acts of service are what solidifies the bonds between us. And gives substance to our love.
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