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Carry One Another’s Burdens

October 28, 2014


Theme: Bear One Another’s Burdens

  • Everyone accepts that a 5 week old baby like Levi is not able to take care of himself. And caring for him is more than a full time job for his parents. They need to tend to every single one of his needs because all by himself he is utterly helpless. He even looks helpless… and adoringly cute.
  • For the next 20 years or so, many of Levi’s burdens will be shouldered by his family: mom, dad, grandparents, etc. And they take pride in doing so; it helps define who they are. Have you seen all the license plate frames that say something like “Happiness is being Chelsea’s grandmother”?
  • Then Levi goes to college, and everything changes. He is supposed to be a “grownup” by then, capable of taking care of his own needs. Among his peers it is considered to be a weakness to ask for help, and he may even be ashamed to ask his parents for help. When mom sends him some extra money to tie him over, she needs to promise not to tell dad.
  • As adults, we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient. We want to look strong, sound strong, act strong. And in our minds, we translate “strong” to “doing everything ourselves”. What if we just change the definition of “strong” to “being tough enough to ask for help”? I find it much harder to ask for help than to try doing everything myself.
  • Yet when someone asks me for help, I am ecstatic! It is such an honor to be asked for help, and it creates an opportunity to strengthen the relationship I have with that person.
  • God created us as interconnected human beings. Yet we only seem to want to connect on the politically correct and socially acceptable aspects of our lives. One of our responsibilities is to ask others to help bear our burdens. And to gratefully provide help whenever we are called upon.
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