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Submit to One Another

October 13, 2014
  • Keeping Straight

    Keeping Straight

    After my mom and dad first met, my dad bought a small motorbike. During their first ride together, my mom got scared when the bike tilted when taking a turn. She moved her body in the opposite direction and the result was that they fell. Fortunately they were not going very fast and nobody was hurt, but the motorbike was damaged and both of them were scared to get on the bike again.

  • In this picture, Melissa submits to Ross. Not because Ross is in authority, but because Melissa trusts him and she chooses to get on the bike with him. Ross also submits to Melissa; they are both responsible for their destiny and will only get there through mutual submission.
  • When we submit to one another in the biblical sense, we are joined by trust. We submit to Jesus because we trust Him. And in some way, Jesus also submitted to us as His children. If it would not have been for us, He would not have come to earth to die for our sins.
  • In my mind, voluntary submission is the result of trusting humility. Without both trust and humility, voluntary submission would be impossible. Melissa trusts Ross, and she is OK riding in the back seat.
  • I often find either trust or humility lacking in my own life, and when I do I cannot submit to another. My fear (“I don’t trust this”) and my pride (“I should call all the shots”) often get in the way of voluntary surrender. And then it’s “my way or the highway” and I end up riding alone…
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