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A Different Spin on Spin Class

October 2, 2014

Our Spin Class had an unexpected twist this week. The instructor called in sick. Since it is an early morning class, the gym had no time to line up a substitute. We were left in a room that had an odd silence without the music to set our tempo. We had no voice to lead us through a series of exercises to help us condition our bodies.

Some people came to the door of the Spin Room and walked away. They looked like students who just found out the professor wasn’t going to lead class and they were free to leave. Hard to know if they were disappointed or relieved to not have class. However, most of us stayed. We talked and had a few laughs at our absent instructors expense. We realized that just because our teacher was not calling out what to do next, we could still engage in a healthy workout.

I wondered what would happen if that was church on Sunday morning. What if all the people planning to lead called in sick at the last minute? All the people showed up, but no one was up front to tell them what to do next.

Would people head out for an early brunch? Would people feel like they really experienced grace – they got credit for going to church and didn’t have to listen to a sermon? Or would they stay and figure out how to exercise their soul? Could they pray without an elder leading the ‘Congregational Prayer?’ Would they sing without a worship team? Would they read the Bible and listen to the Spirit without a sermon?

I don’t take any vocational comfort in the idea, but I could envision one of the greatest worship experiences ever. People would speak from their hearts the words they were hearing from the Spirit. People would step up to offer their gifts in service to group. And when they decided to close and go home, they would know with more certainty and have greater confidence in their ability to worship without ‘professional’ leaders. The expected leaders didn’t show up. Unexpected leaders did step up. And the Leader who is always there became more evident.

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