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Accept One Another

September 30, 2014
Gift of Differentiation

Gift of Differentiation

Theme: Accepting One Another

  • Don and Charlie have a lot of differences. We have a tendency to emphasize how we are different from others. Almost all conflict in the world stems from an “us vs. them” attitude: nationality, beliefs, religion, race, age, language, location, economic disparity, you name it.
  • In most cases we see ourselves as the gold standard we hold others to. If others are not like us, they are “wrong” and should change their ways to become acceptable.
  • God has created us all different, but at the same time all equal. God never meant for us to loathe, reject, isolate or even kill each other because of our differences.
  • Could it be that God means for us to learn from what others are thinking, saying, and doing? We cannot learn much from someone who is exactly the same as us. But by getting out of our comfort zone, accepting one another, and embracing each other’s differences we can hope to grow in Jesus’ image.
  • Don and Charlie may be very different, but they have the same heavenly Father. And despite their differences, that makes them family!
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