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Teach One Another

September 22, 2014
  • Open Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

    Open Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

    Our kids go to school for almost 20 years to learn things that will make them successful in their vocation. Math, science, arts, languages, history, psychology, you name it. But we often fail to teach them the things that make them successful in life. When I was a teenager, I had neither the capability nor the words to express how I felt. I did not understand why I was doing many of the things I was doing, and how destructive they were to my body, mind and soul. I did not know how to forgive others or myself. I did not know how to love Jesus, and through Jesus how to love myself.

  • Many of my so called “learnings” were ways to avoid pain and fear. And through “confirmation bias” ( I seemed to find “proof” everywhere for what I thought I knew. Of course I saw/heard/read many things that told me otherwise, but through my psychological defense mechanisms I simply tuned all of that out or dismissed it as inconsequential.
  • And finally, my ego became dependent upon my truths; the more someone tried to teach me something, the more I resisted.
  • In writing this, it is so easy for me to see how devastating this cycle is. Also, there are so many examples in the Bible and everywhere else in life of those who fall victim to this cycle.
  • The only way to thrive spiritually is to surrender to God’s truth, regardless of other beliefs and regardless of who teaches me. Everyone can be my teacher. The lessons are often painful (mostly for my pride), and force me to admit that I have been wrong for so long. But if I listen to the voice of God in the people around me, I find that I hear Jesus’ teachings everywhere. It is up to me to be teachable, and be willing to listen and learn.
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  1. Carole permalink
    September 22, 2014 9:15 AM

    Sometimes when we choose to do no harm, we end up doing no good.

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