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Love One Another

September 15, 2014
Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

Theme: Love One Another

  • In God’s eyes, we are all brothers and sisters. I assume that He means that we are all part of His family, that we unconditionally love and support each other, and that we are connected by something that is invisible and at the same time incredibly strong.
  • You cannot see “love.” You can see its effects, just like you can’t see the wind itself but see the effects of it.
  • In many of today’s families, brothers and sisters do not share unconditional love and acceptance. In my own past, I have knowingly and willingly shut one of my brothers out of my life over something that – in hindsight – is too silly to even talk about. And when photographing weddings, I often see the strained relationships in many families surface powerfully and destructively. Pride, pain, and fear are oftentimes at the root, causing lingering and all-consuming anger.
  • Love does not mean “always agree with”, “never get into a heated discussion with”, or even “always do what the other one asks.” It does mean putting the other first (even if that means denying them what they asked for), disagreeing (even though that may mean entering into a strenuous time in the relationship), or being steadfast in God’s design for His children (even if that means – in all humility – opening someone’s eyes to the destructive consequences of their actions).
  • Seeing eye to eye with each other. Sometimes watching over each other. Sometimes an angry eye. Sometimes holding each other accountable. And always loving each other unconditionally. As brothers and sisters.
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