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Taking Jesus Beyond Sunday

September 8, 2014


Theme: Making Disciples

  • Many of us have been members of more than one church in our lifetime. When choosing a church, we often look for a good “fit”, including the “flavor” or religion, how we get along with the pastor, how we like the other members, etc. Of course we need to feel at home at church, otherwise we would not be here. Getting up early on aSunday morning to be on time for the 9am service is no small task and shows commitment from everyone in attendance. But how far are we willing to go out of our comfort zone to be members of a church, and – more importantly – become “Christ-like” in our everyday lives?
  • Are the church services leading us to becoming disciples, or are they social gatherings… and could we play Monopoly instead? Of all games, Monopoly is a tough game. It take a long time to play. There are many rules. You need 4 players to commit. The emotions run high, and I can remember as a kid I cried when one of my brothers took my last money.
  • This picture is about the Monopoly Star Wars edition. In church life, how many “editions” of Christianity are there, with mostly the same foundations but slightly different words, songs, and pictures? Do we really have a monopoly on the one and only true “edition” of Christianity? For the church, the most important “game piece” is the cross. The only monopoly that counts is Jesus having control of every parcel of our heart, our soul, our mind, and our strength.
  • In Monopoly, the goal is to take as much as you can and dominate everyone else. Jesus challenges us to realize that to be a winner we need to help all the other players thrive.
  • The Go arrow reminds us of Jesus’ final and great commission to go into all the world. The life of a disciple is not a destination but a journey. Where is God calling us to go? Why are we here? To whom might God be sending us to serve?
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