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Hard Words in the Bible: Hell

August 11, 2014
Baptized by Fire

Baptized by Fire

Location: Evviva Woodfired Pizza, Edmonds, WA

  • Our God is a merciful God. He cares for us, and he loves us enough to give us the freedom of choice. He could make us love him and obey him unconditionally without us even realizing is. But love is meaningless without the freedom and choice to love. And everywhere in life, we know that all choices have consequences;
  • Because we love God, we are eager to follow His commands. Just like when we love your spouse, we happily obey certain rules to keep our relationship intact and our love ever growing;
  • God’s laws are there for our sake, not for God’s. When we choose to disobey His laws we bring misery upon ourselves, and while God is sad and wants the best for us, His creation is not affected;
  • Even after all the wrong choices we have made, we still are not condemned for our sins. In his letter to the Romans, Paul explains that we will not perish because of our sins (because none of us is without sin), but for rejecting the grace of God and willfully and knowingly continuing to sin.
  • Does Hell really exist? Is Hell really the eternal fire? One can argue that if we believe that Heaven exists, we also have to believe that Hell exists. But the bigger point is that the law is not there to create shame or even define sin, nor to condemn us, but to make us aware of our sins so that we can live a better and fuller life in Jesus Christ. And for those who love God there is no downside to that. Christianity is not about a place; it is about a relationship. Life without God is Hell. What the exact nature is of Hell (the place) may then become a theoretical question to which there is no answer this side of death. Nor does it really matter.
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