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Overcoming Barriers

July 14, 2014
Mind Your Step

Mind Your Step

Theme: Overcoming Barriers

Location: Carkeek Park

  • For many people with disabilities, a fence and a staircase are remarkably identical. While the former makes the obstacle clear to everyone, the latter often is only clear to the person with the disability;
  • Things that others take for granted (like watching a sunset on Carkeek beach) are unattainable for many handicapped people;
  • There are many different types of disability: 1) Physical disability, 2) Sensory disability,  3) Intellectual disability, 4) Mental health and emotional disabilities, 5) Autism spectrum disorders, 6) Developmental disability, and 7) Nonvisible disabilities;
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, as of 2004, there were some 32 million disabled adults (aged 18 or over) in the United States, plus another 5 million children and youth (under age 18);
  • People with disabilities are often treated as outcasts. We don’t know how to behave when we’re around them, what to say, or even to connect with them at all. It’s just easier to pretend they’re not there;
  • In both “ability” and “dis-ability”, God shows us the wonder of His creation. How open are we to embrace God’s “differently-abled” children?
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