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Living in a Safe Space

June 30, 2014


Theme: Living in a Safe Space

Location: Firdale Village, Edmonds

  • Our world glorifies violence. Our movie heroes kill by the dozens, and in our videogames we do the same. Celebrities get arrested for organizing dog fighting. Many of us are fascinated by boxing. And almost all of us love the controlled violence of football games.
  • Violence in the virtual world bleeds over into the real world, and can permeate the place that is supposed to be a safe haven: our homes.
  • More than 1 in 10 calls to 9-1-1 is about domestic violence. That means that 1 out of every 10 times you see a 9-1-1 response team, they are on their way to a domestic violence situation!
  • The Center for Disease Control reports that one in four women and one in seven men in the United States will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. Fifty percent of women and children who are homeless are so because of domestic violence. And approximately one in three females murdered in the United States is killed by a partner.
  • Domestic violence is present in every socio-economic level of our culture. The website of the Seattle Police department includes a list of signs of these ills ( Sadly, domestic violence tends to be cyclical with victims growing up to be perpetrators. One of the questions we need to address is: “How can we break this cycle?”
  • Is our genetic makeup to blame for violence? Or – as a society and individuals – do we encourage violence? How can we love our neighbor with the love of Jesus to transform their urge to hurt? And how can we love and help heal the victims?
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