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Loving People Tell the Truth

June 10, 2014


Theme: Loving People Tell the Truth

Location: Random car dealership on Hwy 99

  • When trying to find “Loving Truth” in Edmonds (or in society in general), it becomes clear that most everything we hear may not be the truth or the whole truth, and the truth that remains is often not very loving. Can we find loving truth on TV? In a magazine? In politics? In a restaurant? In a bank? At work? In court? At a pre-owned car dealership? In our thoughts? In our hearts? Truth is almost impossible to find, because in the vast majority of the cases someone stands to win and someone else stands to lose based on their version of the truth.
  • The open hoods at a pre-owned car dealership are meant to instill confidence that “we have nothing to hide.” Yet oftentimes the truth is far from it. How eager are we to believe a lie? We keep doing things to our bodies that are bad for us, we do things to others that are hurtful to them, and we use money in ways that create burdens for us.
  • But there is a truth that can help us avoid all that. A truth that has no ulterior motive but to love. A truth that is not being used against us, but for us. That is the loving truth of Jesus Christ. Do we have the compassion to speak the loving truth regardless what’s in it for us? Do we actively seek situations where we discover the truth, and let the truth save us and set us free? As His church, do we have the courage to recognize and accept the loving truth? The word “courage” is derived from the French word “coeur”, with means “heart.” Do we find the strength in our hearts to lovingly tell and accept the truth, so help us God?
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