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Loving People Bring Healing

June 2, 2014
Please Help

Please Help

Theme: Loving People Bring Healing

Location: Hickman Park, Edmonds

  • As community in Jesus Christ, bringing grace to others for healing is everyone’s responsibility. This picture is taken just a few hundred yards from our church, at Hickman Park. Hickman Park is not just in our world, it is our world. If we are not responsible for its health, who is? We can delegate and ask others to do the work on our behalf (like the Parks & Recreation Department), but we cannot delegate our responsibility.
  • When we see Hickman Park as our world, we become invested in its health and wellbeing. Ours hearts are where our treasures are; our time and money. Our tithes are our blessings because they honor God and solidify the responsibility we have toward his church. Our time spend at Hickman Park is a blessing because we honor God’s creation and the relationship we have with our church family.
  • “Please Help” is a plea from so many people who need healing, yet our pleas barely makes it through the facades we’ve created around ourselves. We compare our inside (feelings of anger, fear, insecurity, inferiority) with the outside we see of the people around us, where everyone lives their life as if it is their Facebook page. And we are afraid to ask for help or even accept help because we see ourselves as unworthy.
  • As church family, it is our privilege to look behind the masks and through the facades, and bring understanding, grace, and healing to everyone around us.
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