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Connecting at the Heart

May 5, 2014

Ingredients for Love

Theme: Loving People Connect at a Heart Level

Location: Kitchen classroom of PCC Natural Markets in Edmonds

Slide notes:

  • This picture is taken at the kitchen classroom of PCC Natural Markets in Edmonds. It is across the street from a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. When developing relationships we often have to make a choice: am I going to choose quick and easy, or wholesome and immersive? Every once in a while quick and easy is OK, as long as it is in balance with wholesome and immersive.
  • Just like connecting at a Heart Level in a loving relationship, preparing a meal means knowing the other’s preferences and tastes, choosing from a wide variety of options, weighing the ingredients, and preparing carefully.
  • It also requires skills, tools, and utensils, just like developing and fostering a loving relationship requires education and spiritual discipline. Growing up, many kids do not learn how to cook and when they’re off starting their own lives, they just have to figure it all out. That is not unlike connecting at a Heart Level, where relationships with (step) parents or absent parents, and (half) brothers and sisters are not very secure. With family trees looking like blackberry bushes, connecting at a Heart Level is foreign.
  • Preparing a meal may not always work out; sometimes the meal is not as tasty as we had envisioned, and sometimes we cut or burn ourselves in the kitchen. It is much harder than walking up to the counter across the street to order “a #2 meal with extra fries”. The upside is that we try, we grow, we surprise each other and ourselves, and we deepen our relationship.
  • The consequences of how we initiate, grow, and foster relationships are not always immediately visible. Just like with fast food, it sometimes takes years to realize that the harder choices may have been the better ones.


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