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Resurrection and Transformation

April 21, 2014

Location: This picture is taken at the old Detroit Auto Works building on Hwy 99 and 212th that was demolished a few weeks ago. The tulips are Jill’s gift from her Secret Sister.

Title: Destruction and Resurrection20140420_FaithEdmonds_Final-1

Theme: Celebration

  • Here in the Northwest we love tulips. For the beautiful flowers to grow, the bulb needs to be buried. Only when it is buried will it give new life.
  • For something new to grow, oftentimes something old has to be sacrificed. The existing Detroit Motor Works building on Hwy 99 looked fine, but it had to be demolished for something better to be built there. We sometimes cling tenaciously to our old life, but we can only experience life with Christ when our old life is totally transformed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus crossed the fence for use between life and death. On this side of the fence there is life, on the other side of the fence there are ruins, death, demolition.
  • Resurrection means revival. Without death there is no resurrection. Jesus died for our sins so that we could live. His resurrection means we are revived from our sinful ways that lead to death. Because of his sacrifice, we are able to walk with him now and all the way to eternity. But we have to believe in Him and let our sinful ways die to the best of our ability. Jesus delivers us just like the adulteress, and tells us “Go now and leave your life of sin.” (John 8:11 NIV)
  • When we are baptized we are briefly devoid of air, and we are resurrected when our lungs can breathe again. God builds for us a new self in the same body as our old self, but the foundation and architecture of our lives have changed.
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