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Spiritual Discipline of Study

April 18, 2014

Theme: Study20140413_FaithEdmonds-small

Location: Old school bell in front of the Edmonds Museum

Title: Taking the chain off the clapper


  • We learn by studying. The importance of study is clear in today’s society. Studying has a long tradition, with some of the most prestigious schools dating back for many centuries. Studying also has a generational tradition; many kids of parents who have not gone to college consider it out of their reach
  • While the importance of studying is evident, it seems to become increasingly hard to finish school. Many kids don’t graduate high school and colleges are becoming more expensive every year. As parents, we can set our kids up for success by imprinting the importance of study: encouraging it, modeling it, making arrangements for it (like enrolling in the GET program). How do we do this for our children’s Christian study?
  • Of course the real value of study is in its everyday application. Do we apply what we learn, even when we’re not in school?
  • A bell is forged with great care. A classic bell is a work of art. Bells are often meticulously maintained and cared for. However, it is only when the bell is rung that is serves its purpose. Sometimes we get so enamored with study for the sake of polishing our faith, that we fail to live as God intended. We are called to ring out the good news to others, not be an inert display. It really is time to take the chain off the clapper and start school!
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