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Spiritual Discipline of Service

April 7, 2014

Theme: Service

Location: War Memorial in front of Edmonds Museum

Title: Dedicated




  •          Service is a cornerstone of the life of a follower of Jesus Christ. Love your neighbor like yourself is easier said than done, but faith without works is dead. In the kingdom of God, the first will be the last, and those who serve others will reign (Mark 10:43-44)
  •          God does not need our help. But He loves us enough to give us the opportunity to help. It helps us grow. Just think back of the days when your kids were young. If they wanted to help, they typically caused more work, but as a loving parent you let them help anyway so that they would learn and be filled with a sense of accomplishment.
  •          Most of my life I have been focused on “me.” I woke up thinking about me, went to bed thinking about me, and in between all I could think of was “what about me?” I would try to stack the deck in my favor, bend the rules a little to get an advantage, and many times when I did something for others at least one of the motives was what I would get out of it: status, possessions, a favored position, and advantage down the road. Ironically, most of the problems I face in life are of my own making. I get frustrated when I can’t say what I want to say, when my expectations aren’t met, or when I can’t to do what I want to do. When I’m afraid, it’s mostly of losing something I have or not getting something I want. My problems start with me! True service gets me outside of myself, and helps me avoid so many of the problems that I’m facing.
  •          The brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom and happiness sometimes pay the ultimate price for their service, and we remember them and honor them. Service can take all kinds of shapes, from serving in the military all the way to random acts of kindness.
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  1. Anna Assink Peterson permalink
    April 8, 2014 9:37 AM

    This really is good healthy food for thought for our souls.

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