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February 18, 2014

We have recently started using original photographs for the background on our worship slides. I know this is not innovative, never before done work. However, our photographer has added some notes to each picture to help people think more deeply about faith and life. I can’t see any point in limiting their exposure to Sunday AM when we have such easy avenues to share. We will be including the picture and notes each week on the blog. I trust you will enjoy them with us.

These pictures are designed to follow 10 different Spiritual Disciplines in our current series.

This week’s theme was GUIDANCE.

Photo by Marcel Eisma

“We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”
Photo by Marcel Eisma

 ·         This is a sign at the center of town (the roundabout on Main and 5th in Edmonds, WA). As Christians, where do we get our guidance? At the center from the ultimate source, or at the fringes from hearsay? How do we use the guidance to get off the roundabout, and stop going around aimlessly in circles?

·         I’ve lived in Edmonds for a few years, but never really paid much attention to this sign. I thought I knew where everything was from what I had heard from others. Just looking at it makes me realize I did not even know we had a museum, recreational center, and theatre in Edmonds. As Christians, is it possible that we don’t know what we don’t know? When we look to God, he may have some surprising insights we would never find on our own.

·         Guidance can help us deal with many circumstances: when we are under stress (police, fire, court), when we are enjoying our time off (theatre, waterfront), when we want to go deep (library) and when we are looking for just the highlights (visitor’s information).

·         Following this guidance is not mandatory. There is no law that says we have to visit all of these places. And chances are we would have stumbled upon some of them just by wandering around. But following the guidance will make our journey intentional and our destination easier to reach.

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