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Could Prayer Help the Seahawks?

January 28, 2014
Seahawk Doors

Heavenly Colors

The Center for Disease Control has issued an alert for a severe flu outbreak. It is flu season. Another fever is rampant in the Seattle area; one that will likely not gain any attention from the CDC. It is Super Bowl fever. With the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl for only the second time in team history, this fever brings out hope and unconventional outbreaks of fan mania.

Last year during our playoff run, the Seattle Times wrote about a playoff tradition of people offering ritual prayers for the team. “About 45 minutes before each game, Hanning …, passes a hand-carved mahogany staff around the crowd before reading a pregame prayer.” I’d like folks to weigh in, just for the fun of it, with your opinion.

Before you vote, think about the weighty consequences of your decision. If you vote ‘no’ and the Seahawks lose, your ‘lack of faith’ may be the cause of the Seahawks demise. If you vote ‘yes’ and the Seahawks lose, you may have to find a new god.

Go Hawks!

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