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What are You Leaving Behind?

January 9, 2014

Anilu Glitter 2We had a grand family wedding celebration last month. Our granddaughter, Ana Lucia, was dressed in an elegant dress accented with a glittered skirt. Her gown drew oohs and aahs from her ‘public.’

Not too far into the celebration, we realized that the glitter was not permanently attached to the skirt. Therefore, she was leaving a trail of glitter everywhere she went. We got to where we would walk into a room, see glitter all over the floor, start laughing, and say, “Anilu has been here.”

Anilu has long been gone, but evidence of her presence remains – glitter everywhere.

It seems to me that Anilu’s dress left one more thing – a life lesson. Where ever we go, we leave behind a ‘trail.’ While she left a bit of a mess, it is a wonderful picture of what can happen with our faith. Why not try to leave a little sparkle where ever you go!

It is a great question for reflection, “When you leave the room, what is left?”

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