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Christmas Ruined?

December 30, 2013
UPS Truck

My Dedicated UPS Driver’s Truck
December 27, 2013

December 26, 2014 the lead story for virtually every news cast was the delayed delivery of thousands of packages across the United States. These packages did not arrive in time for Christmas. Dozens of victims of this terrible crisis were interviewed sharing the heart wrenching disappointment caused by the delay. Think of all the children who had to wait one extra day for Santa to show up. Picture all the well-intended shoppers who looked bad and felt embarrassed on Christmas day when they didn’t even have a lump of coal to give. Or the poor lady whose holiday was ruined because her live lobster didn’t show up until December 26 and by that time Christmas Eve and Christmas were gone – forever.

Never mind the storms that knocked out power and made driving treacherous. Never mind that some people just waited way too late and were hoping the promise of speedy delivery would bail them out. Never mind that dedicated delivery personal were out until 11 PM on December 24, giving up their family time, trying to deliver the packages.

A contrasting story unfolded just 50 miles south of us in Tacoma, WA. A retired NFL player turned teacher and coach at Lincoln High School was called back into service for one game with the Dallas Cowboys. Jon Kitna, a virtual football dinosaur at 41, was the backup quarterback for the final game of the season. The money from his one game contract, $53,000, was donated to the school for purposes that could benefit all students, not just athletes.

Gratitude or entitlement – we all get to choose how we will live life. It is hard for me not to think about the millions of people who have to wait days for a cup of rice to keep from starving to death. And that cup may not come in time for them… What if all the free shipping, credit for delayed gifts, and gift cards given as apologies went to help someone else? What if someone’s inconvenience could help someone else stay alive?

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