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Only a Drip of Hope

December 17, 2013

Frozen WaterWe went through a recent cold snap that saw temperatures remain below freezing for several days. When our son arrived home one Sunday afternoon, he asked if the neighbors should have water running out from under the garage door. No one had been in the home for several days. The question sent us scurrying to get a wrench and shut off the water at the meter.

One of the ways you can reduce the risk of frozen pipes is to leave a faucet open with a slow drip of water. This open faucet prevents pressure from building as the freezing water expands inside the pipes. Even a trickle of warmer, moving water from the main helps to keep the ice from completely blocking the pipes and creating a disaster.

This is a significant picture for our faith. We may go through hard (read freezing) phases in our faith journey. Life is depressing, disappointing, or discouraging and we feel like God’s grace has stopped working in our lives. We feel like giving up. We begin to attend church less. We read our Bibles less often. We don’t pray as much. We get together with our Christian friends less frequently. And then it happens; we quit. We just stop all the activity and give up on God (usually, we conclude that God has abandoned us).

Care for our souls can parallel care for our plumbing. Keeping even the slightest trickle of faith and hope flowing in our lives can prevent a faith crash. Keeping in touch with a faith full friend; talking to God, even if it is in an accusatory tone (read the Psalms); stopping into a church on Christmas Eve; these are just a few ways to keep our connection with God from closing.

We love to bask in the days where faith flows as mighty as Niagara Falls. The reality is that most of us will go through days where a drip is the only thing keeping our soul alive.

Please share with us how you keep a drip flowing in your faith.

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