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Kingdom Size It

December 12, 2013
Christmas Crossword

Click on crossword for full puzzle

I embarked on a fun project of creating a crossword puzzle for our children to do in church for one of our Advent Family Sundays. First, I made of list of key words I thought would be beneficial for our children to know. I wanted to use words right from the Christmas story in the Bible, so I could provide clues the children could look up, if needed.

With my neat little list in hand, I began to form the words into a puzzle. For some reason, I decided a 12 X 12 square should be adequate to complete this task. I tried one or two versions, but without any success. I seemed to always have a key place or name I couldn’t fit into the matrix. On about round three, I realized if I would shift the letters a couple of squares to the right, add a column on the left, and add a couple of rows on the bottom, everything would fit neatly. If you would, a little bigger ‘box’ was the solution.

While this is a very mundane example, it none the less draws me to the angel’s words to Mary, “Nothing is impossible with God.” During this Christmas season, many of us look at life and we are struggling to figure out how this will work. We have created our world view around the situation and it is easy for us to limit God in our equation. We can’t see any way through, but the angel’s words are true for us as well, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

If you feel up against a big problem this season, let me invite you to consider how God’s view might give you a bigger perspective that includes a resolution you had not thought of. When you stop to pray tonight, you could just ask God, “Could you help me Kingdom size it?”

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