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Gray Thursday – One way you can make the season bright

November 27, 2013


The hype is already building. Black Friday, the day after United States Thanksgiving Day, has become one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year. Some polls suggest that as many as 50% of the shoppers for the season will be out on that day. The anticipation of profit has been pushing retailers to try new incentives to get people out to THEIR store. It started at 8 AM, then 6 AM, and finally it moved to midnight on Thanksgiving Day. But the profit is just too enticing for the retailers to resist the opportunity. This year, many stores will be opening on Thursday with deals that some people just can’t refuse. Anywhere from 15 to 25% of the public is expected to turn out for these holiday deals.

I’m saddened that such a marketing strategy is the on ramp to our celebration of Christmas. I would love to blame the evil barons of greed in the corporate world for doing this to us. However, if my limited understanding of capitalism is close to accurate, the only reason they do it is because people come. It is not the responsibility of stores to require people to make good decisions. If people refused to shop on holidays, stores would not open on holidays. It is as simple as that. But people come. And they buy. And the stores press the envelope a little more to see how early shoppers will come. And as long as people come and buy, the envelope will expand. We need to remember, it is not them; it is us.

Some stores will resist the allure of the first buck. I hope you will reward them with your visit and your business — after Thanksgiving.

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