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Practicing with God

November 19, 2013

???????????????????I enjoy installing ceramic tile on projects around the house. I enjoy figuring out how much to buy, what layout will look the best, doing the actual installation, and then taking in the final product. A couple of projects ago, I invested in a small tile saw. This took away almost all the frustration of cutting tile and added even more fun to the experience.

I recently embarked on another tile project. As I was happily engaged in the work, I realized one of the facts I come up against is that I don’t do this very often (Melissa seems to prefer ‘remodeled’ bathrooms to the idea of always having one being remodeled). One of the results of the infrequency of my work is that I forget just what is involved in tiling. I even have trouble remembering how my nifty little saw even fits together.

The old saying is, “Practice makes perfect.” I’m not sure even the best tile setters ever become perfect, but I know they are faster and better than I am!

While we won’t ever reach spiritual perfection, that should not discourage us from practicing. Because our first prayer doesn’t change the world, because our first Bible reading doesn’t speak to our hearts, because our first worship service doesn’t transform our souls, does not mean we are not good at it or not meant for it. These moments with God grow deeper and richer as we practice them more often.

I’m planning to keep my amateur tile setter status and enjoy it with its limitations. However, I plan to cultivate a daily practice with God. My faith will never be perfect, but I don’t want it to be because I didn’t practice.

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