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Jets and Jesus

November 13, 2013

???????????????????I was waiting in the cell phone parking lot for a friend to arrive at SEATAC when I witnessed an interesting scene. A father and young son got out of their pick up. They proceeded to climb into the bed and kept climbing until they found a place on the roof of the pickup for a picnic and viewing as they watched the planes land. Definitely a special male bonding moment and an exhilarating experience for the preschooler.

As I watched this determined climb, I thought about the extra effort the father had to take to make sure his son could see the planes as they came drifting down onto the landing strip. It was an obvious mission that would not be denied.

The scene made me think about high calling parents have to make every effort to position their children so they can see Jesus. We certainly can do the obvious, praying with them, reading the Bible with them, attending worship with them.

But like this father and son, the special moments are often pilgrimages together. It is moments when we engage in activities, we serve people in need, we visit shut ins. Rarely are these moments as exhilarating as watching a 747 glide out of the sky, yet the cumulative effect is to lift our children’s sites to a faith that is lived. These activities provide our children not with the words about discipleship, but with a model of a disciple. They go beyond inviting them to consider following Jesus to engaging them on the path He sets before us.

Jets are exhilarating; Jesus is eternal. From where you sit with your child, what do they see?

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  1. Tim Teusink permalink
    November 13, 2013 11:09 AM

    Great analogy! My Dad used to take us to see planes land at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. I still get excited in departure lounges watching them take off and land, while I’m waiting for my flight.

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