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CAUTION: Construction Zone

November 7, 2013

???????????????????A couple of large franchise businesses are building new stores in our neighborhood. I am amazed at the speed of the projects. Large brick walls go up in days. Sidewalk improvements seem like they are being rolled out off of a spool. In a month or two the buildings will be complete and people will be streaming through the doors.

Our society values speed and efficiency. We like it when things to smoothly and quickly. Time is money, you know.

However, LIFE cannot be compressed or expedited. If you have been alive for more than a few hours, you also know it does not flow smoothly all the time!

The Christian life is a long journey. It cannot be accomplished in an hour or a day; it takes a whole life. This long range view helps us to realize that God integrates all of the ‘unsmooth’ parts into the whole. The mountain top highs we get from a new job, a meaningful relationship, and special awards are melded together with the valleys we experience with the loss of death, the disappointment of being fired, and the discouragement of not being chosen.

Our fast paced world would like to know if everything is fixed NOW, or at least know “How soon?” Our God has a different calendar. He watches as the sands of time slowly slip through the hour glass of our life one grain at a time. He patiently attends to us whether we are on a peak or in a valley. God is not turning us into little franchise clones. He is transforming us into living temples, each one sacred and unique.

The stores are going up quickly and smoothly because they are designed to be exactly like all the other stores in the chain. Our lives take longer; they are all unique originals. The stores are designed to last for years; our hearts for eternity.

Construction zones come with warnings of potential danger – proceed with caution. Take care to guard your heart while God builds you into a temple. He is creating a master piece that will take a lifetime and last forever.

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