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Questioning Your Faith

October 23, 2013

Question Mark 2Asking questions is an important part of learning. Toddlers can be annoying with their incessant ‘whys,’ but this natural tendency to ask questions is good. If we want to grow spiritually, asking questions is essential. I’m convinced that a person full of questions is much healthier spiritually than a person who claims to have all the answers.

Lesslie Newbigin was a bishop in India. He underscored the importance of asking questions.

The person who knows all the answers is already dead, for practical purposes. He will learn nothing. We must ask questions. But they must be serious questions. They must be questions which we ask because we want the answer. There are some people who go about asking question s but are not interested in the answers. We must ask questions with the same kind of interest as a traveler who has lost his way. Journey into Joy

How do you find your way Home? Keep asking questions.

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