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Are You Anchored?

August 26, 2013

ImageOur family was recently having dinner in a small fishing village in B.C. We were sitting on a deck in a harbor where there were many fishing boats moored. We watched a man anchor his small sailboat off shore and row to shore. At first, we noticed he was rowing backwards and couldn’t understand why he might be doing this – unless he might be trying to get a good workout!

As we ate dinner, my son noticed the sailboat slowing drifting. As we watched the small sailboat begin to drift towards shore, we wondered what went wrong? My only conclusion was that the sailor wasn’t anchored correctly. His anchor may not have been big enough or he wasn’t anchored correctly to the bottom. We watched as the little sailboat finally hit a cliff of rocks.

I thought about that sailboat the rest of our trip. It wasn’t anchored. It drifted. It crashed. How similar that tiny sailboat is to our lives if we aren’t anchored correctly? If we aren’t anchored to Christ, we have a tendency to drift as well. We may not even notice as we slowly move away from Him. Slowly move away, until one day, we crash! Our Anchor keeps us from drifting far and it keeps us safe in His harbor. We may move through storms, waves and rough water, yet if we are anchored to Christ, we can rest in knowing that He will be our strength in times of weakness. Psalm 46:1 tell us that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.” He has been and will always be…” a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.” Isaiah 25:4.

If we allow ourselves to anchor to other things – material things and things of our culture and world, we’re not anchored to solid ground. We’re not anchored to the Rock. I asked myself what I was anchored to at that time? Was I drifting and hadn’t noticed? What about you? What is your anchor? Is your anchor strong enough to hold you through a storm?

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