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Connect before Proceeding

August 8, 2013

mapmyrideI recently added an app to my phone. It can track my activities using a GPS location system. I went to take off the other day and a message popped up, “You do not yet have a GPS location fix. You can continue your workout, but your route and distance may be inaccurate.” Woa, stopped me in my tracks. Why would I dare to work out without an accurate GPS location fix?

Another great technology app for my soul. I need to get one of those apps so I can push the start button on my soul every morning. Then I have a choice of waiting to be sure I am connected to the Holy Spirit or charging into the day with this truth. WARNING: You do not yet have a connection with God. You can continue your day, but your routine and activities may not be accurate. The choice is mine, Learn More or Start Anyway.

The download is free. The connection is guaranteed. Why would I dare to start a day without being sure I am connected?

A friend shared that he starts every day with words like these: Thank you Lord, for a day I have not created and a salvation I have not earned. How do you connect with God? Why not share an idea that might help us all?

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