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Where do We Write Laws?

August 1, 2013

Law BooksOur state has recently passed some laws that I do not agree with. Some of the laws make values that I do not share legal. This has moved some people to great heights of political agitation.

However, I worry that the Christian community can get too preoccupied with legal action. The sense is almost, “If we can pass a law we agree with, we will be better people.” (More accurately, “If WE can pass our law, THEY will be better people”).

The fact is, our state could pass a law that all Washingtonians had to go to heaven. It would not move one person a fraction of an inch closer to heaven, even though it would be the law.

The law of faith is not contained in a book, it is written on people’s hearts. If a law is passed that we agree with, it may change behavior, but it won’t change many hearts. If a law is passed that we don’t agree with, our hearts may call us to act based upon our convictions.

The focus of the Christian community needs to be transformed hearts and changed minds not revised codes and new laws. Being convinced in my heart that I want to follow God’s design is the invitation I see in the Bible. Being convinced in my heart that I want you to follow my understanding of God’s design is an attitude I see condemned.

We should not be consumed with right laws before we figure out how to nurture right hearts. The first heart I need to work on is not yours, but my own. Any hope of changing yours will only come if you can see how God is changing mine.

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  1. Frannie permalink
    August 1, 2013 8:54 AM

    Love your heart for God, Pastor Phil. It shines. This blogpost is a bright example for me. Thank you.

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